What are your tips for surviving Brisbane Airport?


When you need to visit Brisbane Airport – whether it’s a flight from Brisbane or a flight to Brisbane – there’s many things which can go wrong, and a lot of time to kill.

So, let’s share your tips and create a guide to Brisbane airport. What are the best methods of airport transfers – do you use an airport bus or something else? How do you survive Brisbane airport parking? What are some great ways to kill time with shopping at Brisbane airport? Worst of all, if you get stuck at the airport due to a cancelled flight, which airport hotel is the best to stay at?

Share your tips below!



  1. Fly in and out of Gold Coast is the best. Tell visitors to catch a cab to international or catch the train make the plane.

  2. Get dropped off and picked up – although surviving the drop- off / pick- up area Gestapo is a challenge in itself.


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