What are your favourite Brisbane ghost stories?


City Hall, Brisbane Arcade, Boggo Road Jail, Mt Coot-tha and Newstead House all have one thing in common – supposedly they are home to some of the ghosts of Brisbane.  The convict past of the city provides many spooks, sightings and superstitions to scare even the toughest Brisbanite silly.  What macabre tales of haunted Brisbane are your favourites to tell around the campfire?

Have you experienced a feeling of creepiness or sensed the presence of other worlds while in any of the supposed haunted houses in Brisbane?  Many people claimed to have a seen a lady in an old fashioned black dress with a bustle in the Brisbane Arcade – it’s a spooky story but is it your favourite? Or do you prefer the tale of the butcher in Adelaide Street or the ghost in the Old Courthouse Restaurant in Cleveland?

Brisbane ghost stories range from convict days to a naked surfie in Bardon. Let us know your favourite to scare your friends with or if you have a personal experience with one of Brisbane’s netherworld residents.



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