What are the best reasons to live south of the Brisbane River?


It’s a debate that will probably go on forever, but we’ve already asked the northsiders, so now it’s time for the south to speak up!

Many southsiders reckon that this part of Brisbane is a much friendlier place to live in and a lot more community-minded. There’s also a lot of decent pubs over this side of the city… some would dare say better than the north.

Property is certainly more affordable over this side of town, that’s for sure… but what other reasons are there to live in these suburbs of Brisbane?

Whether it’s the chilled out attitude or the culture, nominate why you decided to live south of the river in comments below.


  1. I’m on of those people that enjoys driving on highways so for that reason the southside is so much better than the northside!! Mind you I find that during peak hours it can take me over an hour to travel a small distance, this doesn’t allow me to benefit from my Commodore’s superior performance abilities.

  2. Seriously people, there’s no difference between the two. Talk about small town mentality. Try traveling a bit and you’ll know how small Brisbane is.

  3. Yes, agree with the herpes concern. I also find have some people around who are not white is great thing. The Northside is so monocultural its spooky.

  4. I like the freeways and the ease of travelling on the south side. Also, everyone on the north side has herpes.


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