What advice would you give people who are new to Brisbane?


If you’re new to Brisbane, finding out local information about Brisbane can be very mystifying.

From finding removalists in Brisbane to deciding which areas of Brisbane to live in, there’s much to consider.

What is your advice for those moving to Brisbane?


  1. Brisbane is all about the River. Find a suburb with a good school that is the closest to the city/river that you can afford ! Explore the city from the river. Travel the length of the CityCat route from Hamilton to UQ. Rent a CityCycle and ride around the Botancial Gardens, over the Goodwill Bridge and through South Bank … ride along below the Kangaroo Point Cliffs to the Story Bridge and Dockside. Climb the Story Bridge. Go to a show at QPAC.Take a FREE Brisbane Greeters Tour in the city.

  2. Just because it rains doesn’t always mean it’s going to be cold. I’ve known so many people who move up from Melbourne and when it rains in the middle of summer up here, they immediatley grab their overcoats. It’s not cold people!

  3. Stay in touch with your dermatologist as when your skin’s prone to acne Brisbane climate will ruin your self-esteem completely:) And dermos are terrible here