Where is the smelliest street in Brisbane?


Sometimes a Brisbane street just smells. Maybe its because of a a sewage or septic issue that should’ve been fixed years ago. Maybe there’s a business close by that emits less than appealing smells. Maybe someone is doing something in their shed they shouldn’t be…

It could be near your home or where you work, or near a friend’s house. Or maybe you were just walking or driving around Brisbane and your senses were suddenly assaulted. Either way, the experience stuck in your head. Now you avoid that spot whenever possible and have been known to complain about it regularly to anyone who will listen.

So, what’s the smelliest street you know of in Brisbane? And what should be done to fix it?


  1. North Quay / Pacific Motorway! What the hell is that sewage smell some mornings? Is it coming off the river? Are people just pooping in the streets before dawn? I’ve nearly vomited several times.


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