Which are the most overrated restaurants in Brisbane?


Some restaurants in Brisbane are losing their former glory. Perhaps they were once the best cheap restaurants in Brisbane… now they’re just recommended for interstate visitors.

Although they originally received fantastic restaurant reviews, these venues are now really just a BrisbaneĀ tourist place. Which restaurants come to mind?


  1. Brunswick Social. Bad service. Overpriced reheated food. Nicely designed but this does not make up for the overall let down of the place.

  2. Wilsons Boathouse at Manly. To be fair it’s been a few years – but that’s why! We ordered the dips & they were Wattle Valley dips from any supermarket. Plus it was expensive without the ambience & service of an expensive restaurant.

  3. Bretts Wharf ! Don’t get the seafood platter , the worst selection of fresh seafood ( and I say the word fresh very lightly) I have ever had. A total rip off !