Where is the best video games store in Brisbane?


Need to buy Xbox 360 or PS3 games? Need to buy them TODAY? Then you’re probably looking for game shops in Brisbane that don’t have a reputation for completely ripping you off. Who do you recommend as the best Xbox 360 and PS3 game stores in Brisbane?

Although most of us are saving a lot of cash by buying our video games online these days, buying the console itself is usually much less hassle in a real world store. The cheapest Xbox 360 consoles can usually be found in store, second hand… but where are the best places to look?

Let’s not also forget that there’s many a rental video store around Brisbane with an excellent collection of ex rentals at low prices available… have you come across any good ones? Maybe you even know of somewhere specialising in retro games stores.

Nominate your favourite video games store in Brisbane below.



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