Where is the best vegetarian restaurants in Brisbane?


You don’t necessarily have to be on a fully-fledged vegetarian regime to have a passion for  the numerous super and tempting Brisbane restaurants for vegetarian patrons. There’s heaps of them cloaked around Brisbane CBD and suburbs – it could be you know of some specialising in supreme vegetarian pizza. It’s not difficult to miss these restaurants, and they’re consistently so nutritious and an easy method to get your protein requirement in a meal.

Whether’s it’s lunch or supper there’s a multitude of local tips when it comes to vegetarian meals in Brisbane, so speak up, vegetarians! Guide us to the second to none vegetarian restaurants in Brisbane, and be certain to list the best vegetarian meal recipes.


  1. Vege Rama. Great food and excellent service. The staff are so sweet and lovely.
    Myer Centre store is Vegetarian and the Anzac Square store is Vegan.

    I love the Thai Pumpkin curry, the Tacitos and the Vegan Enchiladas are spot on.
    The salads are excellent and great value.

    Lastly, the desserts are so tasty, especially the Pear and Apple Crumble.

  2. Though I enjoyed the Food at vege rama, I was very upset by comments made by rude smooth headed sales man there. I think it’s intentional as it happened twice. No to customer service yes to food. I prefer Govinda’s over vege rama now.

  3. I just discovered Vege Rama, and my life will never be the same. The three curries I tried were three of the most delicious things I’ve ever had, and was priced at about half of what an entree-size Thai/Chinese/Indian dish costs in this town. I also had a fresh Chia + Spirulina juice, which was amazing and made me so full (I think the Chia seeds expand in your stomach?) that I could barely eat my phenomenal meal. Good thing I live around the corner, all I’m sayin’…

  4. Vege Rama in the myer centre. first time i’ve been and the food was light, tasty and reasonably priced!! yum,yum.

  5. Another vote for Vege Rama.

    Another good one is Sol Breads – their salads and sandwiches are amazing and they have lots of gluten free options, too.

    Sassafras at Paddington also has some good vege options but only if you can stand the snobby wait staff and awful service.

  6. what can I say….Vege Rama – a breath of fresh air in amidst a plethora of oil-laden, preservative soaked “food”. Bring your own container folks and not only will you bring a true heartfelt smile to the face of the staff, you’ll get looked after pretty darn well also.

  7. Vege Rama wins hands down!!! The freshest, the tastiest, and the menu is always changing, so never sure what to eat as it is all sooooo good. And did I mention cheap, I am a well travelled vegan and Vege Rama is by far the winner in ALL categories.

  8. I second the Loving Hut in Mt Gravatt. So delicious, so well priced. Yum yum yum! They even have vegan grocery products for you to cook your own masterpieces at home.

  9. The Loving Hut in Mt Gravatt is never a let down! If you are willing to pay ridiculously though than I have to recommend Aria, I know its not a veg*n restaurant but they are more then happy to accommodate and even came out with our own vegan menus and the sommelier came over to recommend which vegan wines that had. A.Mazing!

  10. Vegie Rama. Used to be in post office square arcade, but I think it may have moved to the Myer Centre.

  11. Kuan Yin in ChinaTown. It is great! Does a lot of mock meat dishes. Try the Sweet and Sour ‘Pork’, unbelievably tasty! Prices are decent too.

  12. Kuan Yin in ChinaTown. It is great! Does a lot of mock meat dishes. Try the Sweet and Sour ‘Pork’, unbelievably tasty! Prices are decently priced too.

  13. I like The Forest and Govindas, in West End. Good vegan/vegetarian food. The cakes at The Forest are pretty great, and they have a lot of gluten free options too.

  14. the forest in west end. the food is delicious and affordable. tables are a little wonky though.

  15. I think Govindas in the CBD is pretty good, especially since I am a vegetarian and it’s the one place I know nearby that I’m not going to get a chunk of chicken or bacon by accident in my meal.  The meal size is pretty good and varies from day to day so you can try new things. 

    I will also admit to sometimes finding the food a little heavy though.

    Look forward to reading about more restaurants to check out!