Who makes the best vegetarian burgers in Brisbane?


If you’re thinking of vegetarian dining in Brisbane, you can’t go past a well-prepared veggie burger.

In fact a top vegie burger is sometimes what causes people to convert to exclusively vegetarian dining!

Let’s all find some of the best food in Brisbane – nominate the best healthy vegan and veggie burgers in Brisbane below.


  1. The Green Edge – LeGeyt St Windsor – tasty delicious burgers – the BEST in Brisbane for sure.

  2. Sassafras in Paddington do a fantastic satay tofu burger. I know it’s a franchise, but Grill’d do a good range of vege burgers too; my fave is Garden Goodness.

  3. I feel like fundamentals food store in paddington do an amazing tofu satay burger, on delicious sourdough with crisp vegetables in it. It is a work of art and delicious. I know the forest in west end has a good range, but for me nothing beats fundies.