Where is the best public pool in Brisbane?


Hot weather is the best chance to visit an aquatic centre or community pool in Brisbane.

Where is the top pool for public swimming in Brisbane?


  1. Well I loved the Toowong pool until they built over it and it was never replaced! I suggest that a pool be built on the ABC land across the road.

  2. I love the Spring Hill baths. They date back to 1886 and have quaint dressing room boxes with colourful doors. Don’t expect an Olympic size pool or water slides. Instead, pop a flower-covered swim cap on your head, your most modest full piece cozzies (you too gentlemen) and swim back in time.

  3. Definitely not Yeronga, which do not like the public to attend at all. If you’re not squad, you’re not welcome.

    I’d say probably Sandgate. Friendly, a beautiful location and very welcoming.