Where is the best place to buy fitness equipment in Brisbane?


It’s time to don the workout gear and get fit so you can prance around at the beach and do everything else you see in Coca-Cola commercials. But who wants to go to a gym and deal with a bunch of sweaty people moaning and groaning for an hour? (And that’s just the staff at the front counter.)

You’re much better off setting up your own gym at home. No driving across town, no waiting around for gym equipment, and no mirrors!

Still, buying all the gym equipment you need—exercise bike, barbells, stepper, defibrillator—takes time and money (not to mention someone to lift them into your car). So where’s the best place to buy fitness equipment in Brisbane?

We don’t necessarily mean the cheapest, or the one closest to your house. We’re talking about the kind of place gym junkies bow down to as if it’s the Mecca of Brisbane exercise equipment. (Actually, they’re bowing down because they’re exhausted from working out all morning, but that’s another story.)

And if it has the best fitness supplements in Brisbane as well? Bonus points.

So c’mon, everyone. Tell us where we should be going for fitness equipment in Brisbane. Or at least what direction we should be facing.



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