Where is the best place to buy big size shoes in Brisbane?


Not every woman is so lucky to have tiny feet that fit into a size 5 or 6 shoe. Some of us struggle to find anything other than standard plain black pumps. Forget about strappy evening shoes, dress shoes, designer shoes or funky wedges.

Of course, online shopping is always an option but this can be problematic if you need big size shoes.

Nothing beats walking into shoe shops and being able to try on shoes of all different colours and styles. It’s called retail therapy and sometimes shoe shopping is the only thing that can scratch that shopping itch!

The Shoe Garden in Hawthorne is one place in Brisbane that only stocks gorgeous shoes in sizes 10 and up. If you know of a hidden gem shoe shop in Brisbane that caters for women or men who need larger size shoes, don’t keep it a secret, let us know!


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