Where is the best place to buy a mattress and bedding in Brisbane?


If you need to buy mattress and beds – where to buy in Brisbane?

It’s not as easy as locating a great Brisbane store with furniture. Do you require a bed for children or a day bed? What about a really cheap bed?

Comment with recommendations underneath.


  1. Hi Dave, I agree! We moved to Brisbane in January from Sydney. We are recently married so decided to leave our old bed behind and buy a new one. We went to Makin Mattresses, Parkinson Store and the manager there was such a great help. He even encouraged us to try other places once he’d told us about his mattress I think knowing he had the best product and we’d be back!
    You don’t get that kind of service these days. We felt the best point was that if we had any problems with the mattress we were dealing with the manufacturer and could get any repairs/changes done at the store.
    I hope that helps anyone looking for a mattress.

  2. I moved here in 2009 from the US and had to buy a new mattress. Makin Mattress was great and delivered. Would still use them if I needed another bed.