Who makes the best pizza in Brisbane?


With so many pizza restaurants in Brisbane to single out from, it can be no picnic to decide on Brisbane’s best pizzeria.

When you’re comparing Brisbane restaurants, who has the pizza menu that has you drooling?

Whether it’s deep dish pizza or vegetarian pizza, there’s a favourite flavour for everyone – even if you’re normally a devotee of PizzaHut!

So where is the best pizza restaurant or pizza delivery in Brisbane?


  1. Ah, easy’
    Pizza Lane at the Big Gun, Underwood.
    Good tasty pizzas, I often have lunch there am yet to find a better pizza anywhere else.

  2. For traditional Italian pizza head to Campo Fiori at Eagle Junction. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Pizza Cafe at UQ and also Beccofino in Tenerrife hands down tops it all. Simple, fresh, consistently delicious!

  4. Pizza Lane would like to thank you for your ongoing support. For those of you who have not tried our pizza, here is something to think about. Are you paying fir fancy looking names n topping with little to no flavour and a heavy price tags? Definitely no. We give you the freshest ingredients packed with flavor and easy to eat pizzas. no fancy shamcy toppings etc. If pizzas are not your cup of tea then try our pastas n sub rolls too.

  5. I second the Schonell pizza cafe at UQ – their A-Z range is amazing, let alone the taste! Also Panchos at Oxford St Bulimba, always generous with the chilli.

  6. Arriverdecci on Park Road make the best pizzas in Bris, have been going since 96 & they are still the best

  7. Earth n’ Sea at Wilston is pretty good. So is Naples at Grange and Gino’s at Hamilton.

    If you’re in the inner city, Pizzeria 1889 at the Barracks is fantastic.

  8. I do!

    But if you have to nominate a restaurant, I think my current favourite is Earth n’ Sea at Wilston. They do some fresh new twists as well as traditional favourites.