Who makes the best tacos in Brisbane?


What is Mexican cuisine? Delicious, that’s what – and the taco is one of the tastiest parts of Mexican cuisine. That’s why we’re trying to hunt down the restaurants who make the best tacos in Brisbane.

Mexican food in Brisbane certainly seems to be growing in fashion – there’s a number of new Mexican eateries opening up these days. They all seem much more authentic than the old tex-mex you’d find in the past at Brisbane Mexican restaurants. But which Brisbane restaurant makes the best tacos in Brisbane?

Look, we all know it – Mexican food is the best. Let us know where your favourite place for the tastiest and best tacos in Brisbane in the comments below!


  1. The Mr Mendez makes tacos at weekend markets. The only ones i’ve Ever seen in the brisbane area that make true mexican tacos, with old family marinade recipes and homemade salsas. they are delicious (www.TheMrMendez.com).


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