Where are the best locations for street graffiti art in Brisbane?


Brisbane is well known for a talented art graffiti scene, but finding the best stencil art requires a little guidance.

Where are the greatest places to check out the work of Brisbane’s best grafitti artists?


  1. Anyone got any details of any more areas in Brisbane I’m keen to get more pics. Anyone get any info on the Rocklea areas that the previous users posted. I work at rocklea

  2. Jump on the beenleigh line or any train out to zone 3/4 for the best slide show of graff, apart from that top ‘must see’ is on the left as you walk from stones corner busway to the stones corner shops, giant full piece wall

  3. The abandoned building next to kerbside is going be out of bounds as of next week, for demo/construction. Stick to empty lots, alleys and shops in areas such as West End, Valley & Stones Corner.

  4. It’s very hard to find the graffiti! I spent most of the weekend finding places. The James St alley is a goldmine, and lots of shops in the West End area have them down on their walls etc.

    Railway lines have a lot, but the surprise to me was in the Rocklea industrial estate. Lots in that area. I’ve put a few up on my Flickr and they should have maps set to them to look at:

  5. Behind the stores at the corner of Robertson Street and James Street in Fortitude Valley. There’s some little gems down around that area. Look on the back of power poles and telecom boxes etc anywhere around there.