Where is the best local neighbourhood bar in Brisbane?


Pubs in Brisbane CBD are great, but what about the suburbs? There’s gotta be some great local pubs around your streets… where can you recommend?

Are there any hidden rooftop bars in Brisbane suburbs that have opened up recently? They certainly seem to be in favour right now… it feels like all the top bars in Brisbane are starting to open up in increasingly out-of-the-way locations!

Great Brisbane bars attract a good crowd wherever they are, so let’s find some local favourites. Where would you recommend as great pubs in Brisbane that are a little bit out of the way, but worth checking out?


  1. for those who like punk and a picturesque crowd, the Queensport Hotel at Murrarie after 7.30 Friday night has an energy like an English corner pub with wild fashion and music. Also the Prince of Wales Hotel at Nundah has punk on weekends.


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