Where is the best hidden bar in Brisbane?


If you’re thinking about the best bars in Brisbane, there’s loads to visit.

That said, many of them are located away from where many people would otherwise look.

Nominate your favourite secret Brisbane CBD bars below.


  1. Probably The Laneway in the CBD, above Urbane on Mary St.

    Great cocktails and a really lovely space.

  2. I agree with Adele, Junk Bar is a nice hidden (in plain sight) Bar. The Junk Bar Cherry cocktail tastes awesome. Nice and dingy too.

  3. Junk Bar in Ashgrove, driving past you wouldn’t even know its there. It’s a small place filled with beautiful old couches and chairs, retro plastic plants and old records. The cocktails are great, and the home made dips on the Junk Plate are amazing.