Where are the best healthy – and not necessarily vegetarian – restaurants in Brisbane?


We’ve run quite a few posts here on Brisbanism to find the best vegetarian and vegan eateries, which generally cater to healthy eaters. This post is for all the carnivores out there who are also trying to eat healthily, but are looking for a few more options strictly beyond vegetarian restaurants. Which Brisbane restaurants do the best job of healthy eating, and aren’t necessarily 100% vegetarian?

Let’s face it, not all vegetarian food is super healthy all of the time – we’re looking at you, tempura. Have you discovered any cafes or restaurants around Brisbane which are doing a great job simply by concocting up creative, delicious meals which also happen to be incredibly healthy?

Leave us your tips for the best healthy, and not necessarily vegetarian, restaurants in Brisbane below.


  1. – Thai Silver Key in Ipswich adds loads of vegies to their meals.
    – The Tibetan Kitchen has a delicious lime, tofu and ginger curry.


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