What is the best dog walking location in Brisbane?


Man’s best friend, the dog, makes an incredible pet and a long-term companion. Offering unconditional love, endless entertainment and sometimes a small, dead animal on your front step, they’ve earned that title.

With great pets, comes great responsibility so beyond keeping them clean, well-fed and taking them to the vet occasionally its essential to walk them regularly.

For the fitness-focused, the health benefits of walking a dog are obvious but to some, walking dogs can feel like a chore. So lets help them out! Where do you go when dog walking in Brisbane?  Some parts of Brisbane are more amenable to pet-owners than others, so where are the dog friendly areas in Brisbane?

Maybe there’s a local park just down the road where you like to take your dog, or perhaps you’ve got a special route you like to run with your pet, however you exercise your animal tell us about it in the comments below.


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