Where is the best Chinese restaurant in Brisbane?


Brisbane’s food scene is increasingly cosmopolitan and competitive. With Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai and Ethiopian-style restaurants, amongst a host of others, increasingly vying for foodies taste-buds the humble Chinese in Brisbane can still surprise.

We want to know: what’s the best Chinese restaurant in Brisbane?

There are plenty of contenders in China Town in the Fortitude Valley, with a number of restaurants offering affordable Chinese dishes, lenient BYO policies and a relaxed atmosphere.

Sometimes though you’re just looking for a quiet night in, what restaurant do you call to get Chinese delivery in Brisbane? Do you live near a bunch of Chinese Takeaways? If you can drag yourself down to shops, which place does the best Chinese takeaway?

If you live in Brisbane’s South, chances are you’ve already sampled one of the many excellent restaurants in Sunnybank but for everyone else, it’s worth the trip. Share your experiences with Chinese food and restaurants in the comments below.m


  1. Sichuan bang bang first daylight second. Authentic Sichuan cuisine and a few favourites

  2. China Inn @ Upper Mt Gravatt or Asia House in China Town.
    DELICIOUS food, fantastic service, great value for money.


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