If money was no object, where would you live in Brisbane?


mansionIf you suddenly found yourself with an enormous pile of cash to spend, which suburb would you move to in Brisbane?

There’s a lot of choices… do you go for a loft in the city? A converted warehouse in some of the city’s cooler suburbs? Some swish inner city location where the party never stops? Or perhaps somewhere a little further out, where it’s more scenic and quiet?

Let everyone know where you’d set up sticks if you had the cash, and why.


  1. Hamilton/Newstead. Waterfront views and still close to the CBD. Imagine sleeping in and still getting to work on time!

  2. I have lived in many suburbs of Brisbane, but not Wooloowin I like it, the close proximity to the city, leafy parks and cute little shops near by. I would live in Wooloowin.

  3. As a Brit, who has visited Australia a lot, I adore Brisbane. My favourite spots are Norman Park and West End (river end) Some of the old, colonial houses have a lot of character. But if money really was no object, I’d buy the south bank centre, convert a small part of it into a living area and keep the rest as it is. That path and grass area by the river opposite the casino is my favourite part of Brisbane.

    I would also buy Rik’s bar and convert it into a decent music venue :p

  4. I would live near my grandmother in Fairfield – she’s close to the shops, the train, the bus – so getting anywhere would be easy and I could join her for sponge cake in the afternoons :)

  5. I’ve never found a suburb in Brisbane that makes me ache to live there, unlike some other cities in Australia such as Perth and Adelaide. I’ve come to terms with the suburb I live in, and that makes it best for me as we’ve put down deep roots here, and are deeply involved in local community. Several suburbs with ‘all’ the services there seem good: Strathpine, Shorncliffe, Cleveland.

  6. I used to live in Paddington but now live at Bribie Island. I wouldn’t move back to city. It’s beautiful up here, and only 40 min drive ti city if need be.

  7. I already live in Manly harbour village, Brisbane, Queensland and thought I’d found the perfect place.  Now some greedy developers want to turn it into a cloned suburb with cinemas, tall buildings etc etc.  If money was no object I would buy them off!

  8. There is a massive big house and block at Yeronga, down on the River side, but on a hill back a bit from the river frontage.  It has a 6″ high fence all around, but when sitting in a bus, up high, you can see that they have a big gazebo, a tennis court and I think possibly a pool.  It’s a huge block of land (maybe three standard blocks) and the house is a beautiful old sprawling colonial, in excellent condition.

    I want it.  So bad I could cry.


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