If aliens landed in Brisbane, what would they think of our city?


For argument’s sake, let’s pretend that aliens have suddenly landed in Brisbane and are trying to make sense of what is happening in the city. What would they make of Brisbane’s landmarks, buildings and the people in our city?

Would they mistakenly think the Gabba was our secret headquarters? Aliens may interpret Broncos fans marching towards a game as an army ready for warfare…

Hopefully aliens don’t land while the Ekka is on, because all of those crazy rides and ferris wheels could look like a series of weapons waiting to strike back at them.

Let us know your ideas. If aliens landed in Brisbane, what would they make of our city?


  1. “Why, what truly beautiful, fresh, unfaded colours these Brisbane curtains have! What is their secret? We must interrogate those locals queuing up for that cosmic Boost elixir, test their blood, brain power and eyesight take their secrets back to our leaders.”

  2. they would think wow beautiful and clean city so modern.. Then the US military arrive as seen in most hollywood movies and trying to kill the aliens without question they destroy our city and then the aliens dont like it nomore :-( but personally i think russia and china would be here before the US military.


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