How would you improve South Bank?

Photo: kevgibbo via Flickr

South Bank can be a controversial area of town. Some think it’s a great place to visit, other locals tend to avoid the area completely.

Everyone’s got their own theories on how the area could be improved even further, so what would you do to better the South Bank area, and why?


  1. I think the food court needs to vanish. The food is rubbish and there are pidgeons on the rafters above eating patrons. The pidgeons do droppings on the tables underneath – how this eating area passes hygene tests has me puzzled.

  2. I love South Bank. But the cost of parking is a drawback. After dinner and a movie, $36 parking is too much to ask. Need a voucher system for patrons.

  3. It’s beautiful, but I would like to see more shade, more barbecues and more toilets/changerooms/lockers for the lagoon.

  4. Wellits a bit cluttered and needs more open space. The bigger question now is what to do with the “new” King George Square.

  5. I think I’d move all the art galleries and the library closer to the city side and leave the rest where it is. I’d visit them a lot more often if they weren’t quite so out of the way. Something about that long bridge to walk over just makes it all seem so far away. oh and the imax cinema, I want that too.


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