How do you survive a hungover day at work in Brisbane CBD?


It can happen without warning – occasionally you find yourself dragging yourself to work with an unplanned hangover.

If you work near the CBD, how do you get through the day? Do you nick off for a particular battered meal as a hang over remedy that pulls you through?

It could be you have a relaxing location in the CBD you can retreat to at lunch.

Most of us have been there! Help everyone out with your ideas…


  1. Go to the Boardroom Cafe for a toasted egg bacon n cheese sarnie with a mango and banana juice for morning tea

  2. I usually go up to the abandoned dentist on level 10 of the T&G building on the mall. There is a couch behind the secret door in the mens toilets. It’s probably an abandoned cleaners room, but nobody ever goes in there.
    Great place to catch some Z’s.