What is your favourite TV show filmed in Brisbane?


The history of TV in Brisbane has generated some favourites in our lifetime. We could try to share a list of TV shows filmed in Brisbane, however let’s choose our favourites – past and present!

Which are your favourite Brisbane television programs from over the years – recent comedy, TV game shows, or old TV shows from Channel 9 Brisbane or Channel 10 Brisbane?

Share your favourites in comments!


  1. Daybreakers was interesting. The movie wasn’t the best and I hadn’t realised it was filmed in Brisbane til I saw it, but I watched it in the Myer Centre cinemas after walking around the city all day and I sat there going ‘I went there today,’ ‘I walked past that today.’

  2. Mission Impossible. It was the first big International TV Series that I’d worked on and it was fun to play spot the Brisbane location with friends.