What dangerous suburbs in Brisbane should tourists avoid?


When it comes to public safety, we know Brisbane is streets head of its southern counterparts, but there are still places you wouldn’t recommend to visitors.

If a tourist asked for advice about dangerous suburbs, what would you tell them? What places should they avoid, and why? Are those places dangerous because of crazy traffic or the potential for crime, and are they unsafe at a particular time of day or night, or all the time?

Does your warning relate to the whole suburb, or a particular spot?

Do you know of visitors who have run into strife somewhere in Brisbane that could’ve been avoided if they’d known the area better?

Let us know what you reckon in the comments.


  1. Fortunately the most dangerous places for personal risk and crime are outside Brisbane – in Logan and Moreton council areas. Even Ipswich has cleaned up its act in recent years.

  2. The valley is a nightmare on the weekends. Full of boagans full of booze and dont know how to handle it. Also the less cultured suburbs that have been mentioned as “undesirable places to live”. Keep it in the city or south bank. Much more civilised.


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