Who is your favourite user of Twitter in Brisbane?


Brisbanites have a strong presence on Twitter these days.

Among others, we’ve got TV personalities, writers, chefs, comedians, foodies, pollies, entertainment critics, artists, retailers and bloggers of all persuasions regularly tweeting.

Some are hilarious. Some are informative. Some are even, on occasion, quite offensive. There are those who tweet incessantly (do we need to know what the person next to you said on the train?), and those whose thoughts are few and far between. Some tweeters link to more information, making them a great news source. Others just offer up whatever is in their head at any given moment.

Who is your favourite Brisbane tweeter and why?


  1. As a Recently Repatriated Resident of Brisneyland – having left a few years back pre-Twitter… I’ve enjoyed @GirlFriday4Hire’s tweets… entertaining and informative – not to mention enlightening (well, sometimes – haha).


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