What is Brisbane’s most awesomely dodgy bar or pub?


They’re the pubs that stand aside while you violently vomit all over the table, clean it off, then cheerfully serve you yet another jug of beer.

The bars with dodgy sofas so questionable, you’re certain you’ve caught genital lice by sitting on them.

The pubs that somehow remain open despite Department of Health crackdowns.

You wouldn’t dare invite a boyfriend or girlfriend to any of them – but somehow, they’re all amazing. What is Brisbane’s most hilariously dodgy venue, what antics have you seen when you’ve been there, and what makes them so good?


  1. the muddy farmer at annerley…where you can be punched in the back of the head by security and get banned for life!

  2. The Pink at Pinkenbah, with topless bar staff from 12 noon Fridays. It also has a coloured and violent past.