Where is Brisbane’s best tattooist?


Finding a first-rate tattooist in Brisbane is often the initial task that to tackle when you want to get a tatt. There’s quite a few tattoo studios around town, but only a small number have a wonderful reputation. Many are rather skilled in tattoo art of their own design, handy if you can’t think of any art ideas of your own! Other studios provide other services like body modification as well.

If you’re into getting inked in Brisbane, who do you vote as the best tattoo artist or shop in Brisbane? What makes them so good? If you design a tatt, do they provide any aid and polish your work? Share your preferred tattooist in Brisbane below.


  1. Wow I can’t believe that no one has even put Sin City from Capalaba on this site…unbelievable art…I have been elsewhere but wouldn’t go anyway else now…

  2. Jimmy Tattoo in Windsor is the only studio id ever go! Epic layout, sterile and hygienic studio, Jimmy is a super talented artist and his apprentice/body piercer Brooklyn is very efficient. Recommend them BOTH for anyone wanting sweet ink or piercings! You guys ROCK

  3. Highly recommend seeing Jimmy at Jimmy Tattoo Windsor, he sat with me and had a full consultation and understood exactly what I wanted and my tattoo turned out BETTER than I could ever expected. His professionalism, talent & reasonable prices is why id never go anywhere else!

  4. Had bad experience at Jimmy Tattoo. Went in to talk about ideas, guy was rude and pushy. Showed me his work and it wasnt very good.

  5. The Painted Lady Tattoo Studio in Holland Park is a boutique studio operating by appointment only with Vegan ink. All artists are talented, professional and friendly and can tattoo in all genres.

  6. My experience at garage ink was bad, I have waited 35 yrs to get a tattoo and it is not good the never told me the girl was a apprentice

  7. Always recommend Jon FTW at Wild at Heart. Specialises in old school/bright/colourful. Amazing colour and line work.
    Recommend Mike Driver for laser removal in Brisbane.
    But I DO NOT suggest going to Phatt Tatt- Very poor quality work.

  8. Seventh circle tattoo at the gabba. Loz hocking best in brissue. Don’t believe me check out the only Australian endorsement at the back of kat Von d’s autobiography.

  9. I’ve tried a few different places in bris
    My number 1 is def true love tattoo I’m Sherwood.

    Royal ink in Milton also have some super talented artists, sadly david who started my sleeve left to go to Hong Kong this year… But Ray does amazing portraits!

    The next place I’m going to try is garage ink in browns plains… Karlee Sabrina’s work is unreal! And all the artists work appears first class! I’ve heard nothing but good things ;)

  10. Darren Clancy… owner of Beenleigh Tattoo. Top class studio … great artists and the finest work around !!! I’ve had small and large pieces both colour and Grey wash and all Darrens work is amazing. I’ve been getting tattooed at the studio for 20 years…I would never go anywhere else !!!!

  11. My self and partner and friends, have all gone to scorpion tattoo at northlakes and are very happy with the friendly service, and the tattooing, they will work with you to get the design you want! They all say hello and most defiantly make you feel welcomed! We have all been tattooed by different artists at scorpions, and we are all happy of the outcome! And they are not associated with bikie gangs!!

  12. Karlee Sabrina at garage ink. Love her work will always and only go to her :-) try’s her best to fit me in appointments and work around my fly in fly out work roster :-)

  13. Garage ink. The artists are relaxed friendly and more than capable of helping with your designs. I have had 5 full days with Teneile and each has gone to a new level. Looking forward to many more visits. Keep up the brilliant work

  14. Marco Ventura on the Gold Coast! He’s a true artist and does unique tattoos in any style… I gave him my ideas and he didn’t draw just one sketch… He gave me a couple of personalised options. Awesome artist, highly recommend. Surf n ink studio. :)